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The history of our school is quite a unique one. It was founded by a man named Peau Pierre M.D./L.C.R. (1875-1980), a wonderful logger from Idaho. He grew up in a small drinking town, learning about everything. Everyone in his family logged and he really liked it. The only thing the town wasn't doing that well on was school stuff; learning and whatnot. The only problem with Peau is that he couldn't really get into any big dog colleges, but he sure as heck had big dog dreams. Peau began to work hard at his success. He decided to try a new kind of life, and moved to the middle west and met the young Jay Gatsby. He learned from Jay Gatsby that big houses and big money are important, but the way they are achieved are not, so he moved to New York as a bootlegger and lived in the Valley of Ashes. He had one child named Fib Bibble.

Upon the repeal of prohibition, Peau and his young family fell on hard times. He got a job as a salesman for a marker company. He quickly found a niche with creating line drawings on paper. One of his drawings, Portrait of a Duck with a Bow Tie, sold for over $17 million at auction. Adjusted for inflation, that's $367,855,820. Peau used the money from the Duck artistry to found Batmobile State University in 1905.

During the construction of the college, Peau Pierre was exposed to massive amounts of asbestos. This exposure lead to a diagnosis of mesothelioma, which eventually was his downfall, a gunshot wound to the head.

Peau Pierre died in 1980, 14 seconds after the Miracle on Ice.

His legacy lives on at Batmobile State University.