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International Students

The Batmobile State University welcomes international students. Since 1907, when the first international student Juan Guevara was enrolled, the University has encouraged citizens of other countries to draw, eat and sleep in an institution created and nurtured by one of the most recognized drawers on paper with a marker, Peau Pierre. Approximately 35.2941176 percent of undergraduate students are internationals, coming from 2 different countries. If you are Mexican, dont contact us, we have no interest in you.

Department of Spanish

The Batmobile State University is recognized as a leading national center for the study of languages and culture. In his original plan for the University, founder Peau Pierre established a School of Ancient Languages covering Spanish and Mayan Languages. Pierre's commitment to language study has been maintained, and today the Spanish Department is ranked at the bottom among public universities. With over one  faculty members and visiting scholars, and more than three graduate students and instructors, the Department offers a broad variety of illiteracy courses, leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees in Spanish and Spanish American studies.