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Professor Frenette, Aspiring President of West Iraq

Picture is not currently available. Professor Frenette feels the need to remain faceless.

Professor Frenette became a Professor at Batmobile state upon her graduation from Batmobile State Earth College. She now teaches Penmanship, Earth Science, and Plastic Manufacturing. She is also a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Yearbook. But her real passion is XO3. Ever since she was a little girl, she has felt a calling from this great planet. Her people have been calling her home. She is greatly offended by the scientific communities lack of interest. Currently, the existence of this planet is based only on her convictions. She regularly has dreams of it. Her other passion is West Iraq. She believes the people of West Iraq are also being called home to XO3. Her loves include her ex-husband Jane, her online boyfriend who she has never seen a picture of, her seventeen cats, and her Keebler Elf.

Professor Frenette's great questions in life

1. Who is your daddy and what does he do?


2. Are you going to eat that?And if so, when? Can I eat it first?

3. Where do you keep your Keebler Elf?


4. Shut up? no that's not a question.

5. Why does Dr. Quinn get to do everything?


6. Who invented the can opener?
7. How did mankind exist without the can opener? 8. Who gave birth to the first Keebler Elf?