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Professor Schmidt

Yo whats cracka lacking?

My name is Professor Schmidt, but eveyone calls me T-Killa. I come from a long history of rap moguls and crack-addicted superstars. When I was a youngling in gentlemen's school, mother said, "You could be president one day."

That was obviously a false statement because even at that young age my career ambition was to be a proctor of knowledge and a huge hip-hop phenom. I would ball every day with my "home-boys" and wax poetic in the B-Boy style.

I obtained a 4.0 from my alma mater, Heavy D's Refined School for Smacking B-words, and was immediately hired at BSU.

My thoughts for you is to consider this following statement:

Crack is whack. But a glass of NyQuil will cost you $50 on da streets.

Peace out and keep it on the downlow.