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Please view our Holiday Message to all the students and prospective students of BSU.

A message from the President Ted Massachusetts


Hello All.

Welcome to Batmobile State University. What makes a university outstanding? I would say it is everyone from the students, to the faculty, but mostly the janitors. Everyone is valued here at BSU, except for minorities and women.

As a sock major, It is exciting for me to lead an institution with extravagent opportunities. Batmobile State began in a time of restlessness, making it easier for students to work on industrial talents, such as sock making. "To branch off how are students learn to sew." which is a quote from our 1912 Brochure.

The bold perplexion has guided Batmobile State since 1905 and will continue throughout eternity, and into the next dimension. The power and prestige of Batmobile State has influenced students to explore vast varieties of education, making, in our eyes, the best school on earth. Why state the obvious? It is, indeed quite foolish.

Peace out,

Dr. Ted Massechusetts
Batmobile State University



One student shares their first year of experience and fun at BSU


What's shaking, playas?

My first year at Batmobile State University was universally gangster. That is to say, very ghettofabulous. My pursuit of a major in illicit activities led me to some very hood popping self discovery. I found that not only was I a gifted cocaine snorter, but I also could easily exercise my hustling skillz on small children, who are easily persuaded into the use of narcotics.

My success as a drug dealer sent me to the tizzle-top of my class and I ended my freshmen year as a gangster elite.

Keep it on the d.l.,

Merna "Bad-Ass MC" LaKoi
Second-Year Student, Gangster Player Elite
Batmobile State University

This is me, Merna. I am the most elite of the elite gangsters and players anonymous.



Do you have mesothelioma?

The Batmoble State experience doesn’t stop when you step out of class. Every facet of BSU student life—from our world-caliber music program to our champion sports teams —works together to create the ideal college environment.